Samples Complete collection of JP-Express
An adult site legendary in Japan....that continued taking indecent figures to photograph and video which were high quality of the amateur models such as students, office working women, house wives and MILF, pregnant woman, actress, etc.
The site called "NIKKYU" is "JP-Express".
All of the movie more than 100 titles and photo album of 300 titles is an original produced uncensored Japanese porno.
JPE-ENCORE is the authorized sisters site that can completely collect all works which JP-Express produced in 52 weeks.
JPE-ENCORE is cheap more than 95% because rates more than 9,600 dollars are necessary if you download all from the pay library of JP-Express.

All the explanation in the members area and the photography briefing of each work is Japanese, but you can easily download them if you click thumbnails of covers and links even if you cannot understand Japanese, and you can enjoy all contents.

Best Models of

1. Miyki

2. Chinatsu

3. Rune
Now Available in Members Area !

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